low-toxic nails

Go30 Prescription Nails are custom fitted overlay nail extensions made from fiberglass, which are matched perfectly to replicate your own natural nail curve and arc, with over 200 sizes.


Go30 Nails are the perfect low-tox solution to safer and healthier natural nails, as there is no Acrylic or Gel used, meaning no toxic chemicals, noxious fumes, filing damage or dust, and will last approx. 3-4 weeks. Simply return back to the salon, where we will soak them off in a heated solution, and either apply a fresh custom fitted set, or enjoy your healthy natural nail as is, finished with low-tox nail polish. Also perfect for nail biters wanting to grow their natural nails, or for formals & weddings.


Donna has been a qualified Nail Technician for 24 years, specialising in Go30 for over 15 years.