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booking & cancellation policy

Upon making an appointment with Macarthur Makeovers, you agree to the following booking and cancellation policy.


Our salon business is specifically designed around pampering you – just you! We are a private home-based salon which specialises in providing a variety of professional hair and beauty treatments one-on-one, for a total personalised makeover experience.

Due to the nature of a professional salon business, our rooms can be a potentially dangerous environment for children and family and friends who would like to wait for you. Things such as; dimmed lighting, hot wax, numerous electrical appliances, hot GHD’s and curling irons, scissors, bleach, peroxides, plus numerous other hair colouring chemicals etc. plus having your eyes closed, and laying down means your attention is elsewhere.

Even though we are an eco low-toxic salon, we simply don't have the time, space or staff available to look after additional guests. 
Therefore, we politely request you organise suitable childcare arrangements, and please do not bring any guests, so you can enjoy your salon pampering experience in peace and quiet, and without any interruptions. You can take as many selfies as you wish throughout your treatments, and can then show off your new look to your family and friends once you return home.


Macarthur Makeovers operates by appointment only. You can make a booking anytime at your own convenience, via our website, and pay the required booking deposit to confirm your appointment.

All appointments will require a skin &/or hair consultation prior to any treatments being carried out. This will include a written and verbal consultation for both your safety, and to ensure a personalised treatment is prepared for you and your requirements.

Some of our exclusive and limited time only packages may require 100% payment upfront before we begin any work.


You may receive one or a combination of appointment reminders via; SMS, Email, Phone, or Facebook Messenger. Please show us the courtesy of replying back to confirm, cancel or reschedule your appointment.

We require a reply no later than 9am of the day prior to your scheduled appointment. If we have not heard from you by 9am the day prior, you will receive an appointment cancellation message via; SMS, Email, Phone, &/or Facebook Messenger, and your booking deposit will be forfeited. Your scheduled appointment will be officially cancelled, and will be offered to clients on our waiting list, and will also be advertised as available on our social media accounts and private VIP Facebook group.

Cancellation of your appointment MUST be received by 9am the day prior to your scheduled appointment, and will only be considered accepted if you have received a reply from our team by 9am the day prior to your scheduled appointment.

Any cancellations made after 9am prior to your scheduled appointment, will result in your Deposit, or Gift Voucher, being forfeited. No exceptions.


We understand emergencies happen! But you are still required to contact us if you are running late. It can be as simple as a quick phone call or Facebook message. We will accept late arrivals up to 15 minutes late, which will result in a reduction of your treatment time to ensure we finish at the scheduled time. This is so our salon can remain running on time for the courtesy to other clients and staff. Please note however, the full remaining price of your appointment will still be required to be paid in full.


If you simply do not turn up to your scheduled appointment, or are more than 15 minutes late, you agree that your Deposit / Gift Voucher will be forfeited, resulting in your appointment being offered to another client on our waiting list, and will also be advertised as available on our social media accounts and private VIP Facebook group.

We will be in touch to attempt to reschedule your appointment for a more convenient time, where a new booking fee and service fee will apply.

Whilst we are confident you will enjoy your experience and results with us at Macarthur Makeovers, we do understand everybody's hair and skin history and needs are different, and being an eco-holistic salon our products do differ from those you may be used to, and may take a few visits to achieve the desired results.

We will do our absolute professional best to provide the results you desire. However, in the instance you may not be 100% satisfied with your service, please voice your concern during your appointment, before leaving the salon, so our staff can do our best to ensure you are leaving 100% happy, or if no time available, at the very least we will reschedule to re-do your treatment within 14 days.

We pride ourselves on providing thorough consultations, so please always be upfront and honest about your previous treatment history, so we can achieve amazing and realistic results, that you are proud to show off to your family and friends.

Any problems, please tell us. We don't bite! We just want you leave looking and feeling amazing.

xx Donna